PSA: Disengage with Facebook & write the future with Status Updates

Public Service Announcement for Immediate Release:

fbFacebook is writing the future one status update @ a time.

It’s o.k. though, you’re online so you will see it. 800 Million active users signing on, 175 million people every day and you are one of them. You won’t miss a beat!

People are logging in when they have time, when they don’t and mostly… when they wait. You’ve all done it: waiting rooms, buses, trains, taxis, airplanes… come to think of it you’ve done it ever where.

So, you disengage from society, stop the every day hustle and bustle  in order to turn to your mobile device, computer or tablet just to “check your Facebook”. You and 174,999,999 of your closest Facebook friends every day. Classmates from elementary, public, high school, college or university… even pre-school! Before Facebook you didn’t look for them, nor they you.  With Facebook you “liked” what they ate for dinner last night. And that low-res photo of their great-uncle’s sister’s daughter’s goat is worth your comment. You should just hop on and write something quick. Whoops… stepped in a puddle.  Should have kept your head up. Life was passing you by. If it was important somebody would have mentioned it in a status update or post, right?

Kurt-Cobain-kurt-cobain-21805246-1926-1876As the Abraham Lincoln said to Kurt Cobain on the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah on the night that Kennedy was shot, “Not everything quoted on the internet is the truth”.

The memes that wallpaper your news feed mislead and misrepresent a silent society who wrongly believe that posting on a website is a form of communication.

Email electrified the hand-written note. While abbreviated subject line messages shortened the message to a point where phone calls were no longer required… text would suffice. And now, a status update (or tweet) alarms the world of ever-changing news! Lost in translation is the eloquence of exchange. One single person to another. un contre un (for the bilingual crowd playing the home game). It’s to a point where social interaction is becoming an art form of it’s own.

(NDR: By no means am I such an artist at all, rather the opposite! It’s those that can’t that most respect those who can though!)

But when is enough? Faces represented by profile pictures. When you think of a person, which comes to mind the person or the profile?

Turn off.  Live the life that was breathed into you.  It’s not on a screen… it’s right in front of you.

(NDR: I’m not daft enough to not see the irony of posting this blog post via social media.  It’s only within this medium that the word can be spread though.  Should I put it on a placard a stand on a street corner screaming, you would consider me crazed).




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